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A preventive health program can reduce the incidence of many diseases in horses. A good diet plan, routine foot care, vaccination, and supplementation are essential for equine health. You should be aware of vital signs to better recognize your equine’s health problems such as lameness, colic, or pneumonia, and benefit from ever-evolving modalities for treatment and prevention. Horse Medication Shop brings you lab-tested drugs for horses to ensure peak performance and equine health. You just need to follow proven handling principles for administering medicines to your horse.

From oral capsules to injectables and supplements to HGH, we offer everything you may need at our online horse pharmacy. Get complimentary delivery on all orders above $200!

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Horses are sensitive, high-maintenance animals that require routine care. Whether it’s about maintaining joint health or correcting nutritional imbalance, you can now use top-quality horse meds without a vet prescription. Our aim is to make it easy for you to access medications that certified vets have approved. All our products are competitively priced. On top of that, you get a flat 25% discount when you subscribe to the Horse Medication Shop mailing list. You can even return the medicines within 90 days if there’s any problem.

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In addition to properly feeding your horse, other aspects of health care are required to keep your horse up and running. We offer a broad range of horse drugs online, making it easy for you to pick the combination that works best:

  • Injectables. The most common reason for choosing intramuscular injectables is to medicate a joint in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Other applications include responding to infections, pneumonia, or muscle disorders. For lameness examination, you may need to block joints using local anesthesia. This process is not risk-free since there’s a potential to introduce bacteria. Proper handling techniques are vital to minimize the risk of infection with needles.
  • Oral medicines. Antibiotics are commonly used in horses for a variety of conditions (e.g., anaerobic infections, deep puncture wounds, respiratory infections, abscesses, and soft tissue infections). Your vet is the best person to decide which medication would be the most effective for your horse. Stick to the prescribed doses and always follow the instructions. You can mix the required medication with feed or grain for easy administration.
  • Supplements. High-performance horses need more vitamins and minerals compared to non-competing ones. But a balanced diet alone is not enough to provide that nutrition. Your horse requires supplements to boost energy efficiency and have the drive to compete at peak performance. We also provide HGH substances at our equine pharmacy to speed up wound healing and prepare your racehorse for the next event.

Horses that receive the right balance of diet and supplementation not only perform better but are more willing to toil hard. Every equine is different, and it may take time to hit the right combination!

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